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OBSCURE FANDOMS WEEK 2011 (October 16 - October 22)

Wallflowers Always Stand Aside: OCT 16 - OCT 22 IS OBSCURE FANDOM WEEK!

Is there a series out there that you absolutely adore, but for some reason no one else has ever heard of it? A series that, no matter the character or pairing or scenario, you get so excited to see art/fic of because you can’t believe there’s anyone besides yourself or your circle of friends that has actually heard of it? Or maybe you’re looking to broaden your horizons and want to try watching/reading/playing something new.

If so, then OBSCURE FANDOM WEEK is for you!

From Sunday, October 16 to Saturday, October 22 I’d like to invite everyone to join me in producing content for those little known fandoms. Once each day during Obscure Fandom Week, I’ll be drawing a piece of fanart for 7 different series that I’d like to promote. However, feel free to create whatever kind of content you’d like! (Art, fic, music, amv, fst, sculpture, cosplay…. anything is welcome!) You can post once a day or twenty times a day, participate every day or just one day, promote that one special obscure series or as many as you can think of!</p>Along with the content you develop, please include the title of the series and tag your work #OFW2011 !!!

You don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating something for people never to see your work or learn what it’s from! Also feel free to include a synopsis, links to where people can find the series if it’s available online, or personal reviews on the series.</p>The point of Obscure Fandom Week is to give everyone an excuse to make content for that series that no one has ever heard of and to spread the love and get people interested in things they never knew they needed in their lives! I hope all of you will join me during Obscure Fandom Week!

Even if you don’t think you’ll participate, please reblog and spread the word! I’m sure some of your followers would love to join!

Make sure to crosspost from this LJ comm to Tumblr, too!
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The Infernal Devices: Fifteen Drabbles for 15pairings, Theme Set #005

Author: aimmyarrowshigh
Fandom: The Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare
Story Title: "15pairings, Theme Set #005"
Character/Relationships: Camille/Magnus, Jem/Sophie, Will/Jem, Tessa+Camille, Jem/Tessa, Thomas+Will+Jem, Henry/Charlotte, Will/Tessa, Tessa/Will/Jem, Thomas/Sophie, Will+Thomas, Jessamine/The Magister, Jessamine+Tessa, Tessa+Sophie, Jem+Charlotte
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1,500
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. All characters, settings, and proprietary language are owned by the author of the work from which this is derived.
Notes: Written for 15pairings, Theme Set #005

Fifteen Drabbles for Fifteen Pairings )

DSBS Tidbit

Cassie released a snippet from the DSBS (aka dirty sexy balcony scene) via twitter:
He reached up and unlocked Tessa’s hands from around his neck. He drew her gloves off, and they joined her mask and the hairpins on the stone floor of the balcony. He pulled off his own mask next and cast it aside, running his hands through his sweat-dampened hair, pushing it back from his forehead. The lower edge of the mask had left marks across his high cheekbones, like light scars, but when she reached to touch them, he gently caught at her hands and pressed them down.
“No,” he said. “Let me touch you first.”

Source: @cassieclare

Any gueses as to who the mysterious masked guy could be? Will? Jem? Some other guy?


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